A new chapter

There are some changes coming and I’m excited. I hope my body and health don’t interfere with my plans but I have faith I can do things. I am at college now and volunteering and hoping this leads to new things in the future.

The kids are settling back at school Elliot is enjoying high school and growing up way to fast. He was diagnosed with dyslexia just before he started high school so is getting support for that. He is charming but bloody moody at times which seems typical for his age. Robin and Lewis continue to wait for a genetics appointment to see if they have inherited my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome it could be a long wait.

All the kids seem settled at school and happy we are a large family living in a 3 bed house so it’s cramped, busy and noisy but it’s incredibly interesting and happy.

After many months of trying some medication and having a change of it recently I have started to feel more positive and less annoyed at my body and pain. A recent pain management appointment was really positive I will be getting pain patches to try instead of popping pills all the time, A referral to a counsellor to talk about how my health affects my mental health and a letter to my gp to ask for a referal to a rehab facility for a 2 week stay in London who deal with Ehlers Danlos patients.

So yes lots of changes going on but a really positive feeling moving forward.

Here’s the obligatory first day of school photo. Boring to some I know but I love them.